Facade Design Competition

Circus Hotel Blogeintrag vom 3.11.2016 - As part of our new “Future Circus” we are also looking for a new design for our Hotel’s facade. And as we don’t want to do it all on our own, we held a Circus Facade Design competition – and the feedback was tremendous!

Within two weeks, that was the time frame the competitors were given, we received the stunning number of 42 entries! Students, as well as renown architects followed our call and we received designs from throughout Germany as well as from London, Paris and Rotterdam. We’re still amazed by the quality and creativity of all contributions and would like to thank all participants a lot for taking part!

But there can only be one winner and now it was on us to decide. And it wasn’t an easy task. All papers were anonymised and presented to our jury (Sandra and Chardia from our design department, the hotel manager and assistant manager, and of course the five shareholders). During a first-round credits ranging from 0 to 5 were given and soon after we had the first 8 designs. After a second round we narrowed the number down once again and now we’re very proud to present the final 5 submissions to you!

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