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Blue Clay Country Spa

Internationaler Wettbwerb

Projekt Information

Being One with Nature. Imagine how your lungs fill with fresh air. Your mind is set on the moment. Your senses unfurl and notice the wet woodsy fragrance of a forest in your nose. When was the last time you freed yourself from the daily grind, maybe by taking a stroll through nature? Days, months ago? How about escaping to a safe haven in the heart of the captivating scenery of Latvia, surrounded by nothing but calmness and the beauty of nature. Being one with nature is so much more than simply using natural products. It’s about being part of the lake by swimming in lake water; it’s about walking through naturally illuminated spaces and sleeping face-to-face with the forest – when being in nature means being part of it. Four mighty oaks protected and surrounded by a roofed walkway are placed in an almost endless forest. The design focuses on natural and environmentally friendly construction and techniques. By using only local resources and working with local craftsmen, a completely autarchical building was developed: The Blue Clay Country Spa. Safe and sound in nature. Our concept wants to emphasize on one particular emotion. It’s familiar to every single one of us – being lost in the forest. Safe and sound. Letting go of our everyday struggles, polluted air, stress, and the burden of being available all the time by simply losing yourself in the arms of nature. » Transforming the emotion into something physical « Looking through the facade panels the sunlight refracts as if you were standing in the middle of a forest. The building’s transparency lets the seasonal changes of the leaves come alive and blends you in with the surroundings. It almost lets you feel the weather, but in a cozy atmosphere, maybe while relaxing in the lake water indoor pool. That’s how we imagine a perfect day at a spa. Surrounded by Mother Nature. Now it’s your turn. Open your mind and take a walk and maybe a deer will cross your path, because anything can happen here at the spa.